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Providing Solutions for the Food and Dairy Industry for Over 60 Years!
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A little about us

This source is dedicated to the science and execution of robotic bag packaging and palletizing projects. Using this site is the quickest, most cost-effective way to budget, layout, select, schedule and purchase a turn-key automation system with the goals of your productivity and profitability. Put our market experience to work for you!

Having what you need

Our engineers have decades of experience in sanitary food environments so we understand the challenges producer packagers face in the dairy, yeast, culture, egg and other food ingredient facilities! We perform the due dilligence to determine the optimal robotic end-of-line system solution before we ever specify a brand.


Kelley Supply's staff members began working in end-of-line solutions in the early 1980's. Today, we specialize in the food industry throughout North America. Our experienced staff members have designed and built all types of packaging and palletizer solutions for most types of systems and a large variety of packages.

We Specialize in End-of-Line Packaging Systems (Case Packers, Carton Sealers, Conveyors, and Palletizing Systems)

With over 30 years of packaging experience with nearly every make and style of conventional palletizers, gantries, robots, package and pallet conveyor, stretch wrappers, pallet and sheet dispensers, vision systems, and controls integration, we are able to speak to the issues of your project concisely and clearly.


Kelley Supply Equipment in Colby, WI
Our experienced staff members have designed and built all types of automated packaging solutions for many types of systems and most types of packages. We have designed, built and installed packaging, palletizers and palletizing-related systems in over 40 states and 5 countries.


Kelley Supply Equipment in Colby, WI
Our Robotic Bag Packaging and Palletizing Engineers work for you to develop the single-best bag packaging solution. Let us show you how quickly and affordably robotic bag palletizing can be implemented in your production facility.

End-of-Line Solutions

Kelley Supply Equipment in Colby, WI
Deliver and support turn-key packaging systems that maximize the value-added and minimize risk by implementing custom robot cells complemented by a complete line of the best commercially available equipment.